Celebrate Autumn With Festive Fall Tea-lation! Tea Blends

As autumn leaves change colors and the air gets chillier, there’s nothing like a good cuppa tea to comfort you and keep you cozy. Celebrate a festive fall with our authentic Tea-lation! tea blends and get them as gifts to share with your loved ones. Orange Cinnamon Green Tea Blend: Celebrate a festive fall/autumn with this withContinue reading “Celebrate Autumn With Festive Fall Tea-lation! Tea Blends”

HAPPY Halloween! With Authentic Tea-lation! Tea Blends

Introducing 2 NEW Tea-lation! Festive Fall Tea Blends, just in time for Halloween and to extend the holiday! Organic Candy Corn Honey Vanilla Herbal Tea Blend:Happy Halloween! Looking for a sweet ALL Organic herbal treat? Enjoy this festive fall blend that treats your tummy + soothes the senses. Celebrate with a calming cuppa, minus theContinue reading “HAPPY Halloween! With Authentic Tea-lation! Tea Blends”

Local T-L! Tea Blends Celebrate The Authenticity of WS, GSO, and PT of NC!

With a sense of place and inspired tastes, T-L! is proud to be a local tea biz and share 3 local, NC tea blends: WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend, Organic GSO (Greensboro) Herbal Tea Blend (ALL Organic + Caffeine-Free), and Organic PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend (ALL Organic + Caffeine-Free). Try a variety ofContinue reading “Local T-L! Tea Blends Celebrate The Authenticity of WS, GSO, and PT of NC!”

Introducing T-L! GSO (Greensboro) Herbal Tea Blend (Sans Caffeine) – Local/Location Tea

A harmonious, well-balanced ALL organic and caffeine-free herbal tea blend that soothes your senses. Calming chamomile, savory cinnamon, and refreshing peppermint complement each other in this truly satisfying authentic T-L! tea blend. This is an ideal fall/autumn tea blend to share, sip, and savor. Click here to order GSO (Greensboro) Herbal Tea Blend and otherContinue reading “Introducing T-L! GSO (Greensboro) Herbal Tea Blend (Sans Caffeine) – Local/Location Tea”

Petals Please Herbal Tea Blend (Sans Caffeine)

Stressful day? Relax with a soothing cuppa Petals Please Herbal Tea Blend and don’t worry about any caffeine keeping you awake at night. This beautiful floral tea blend is ideal for inviting a sweet slumber or to help you unwind with some much needed r and r. Click here to order this and try otherContinue reading “Petals Please Herbal Tea Blend (Sans Caffeine)”

WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend

With this special T-L! tea blend, WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend, we celebrate our local home base! If you enjoy green tea and want to delight your senses with a yummy nutty drink with a hint of refreshing lime and mint, you’ll love this! WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend: Organic Genmaicha green tea, organic coconut flakes,Continue reading “WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend”

PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend (Sans Caffeine)

Enjoy our refreshing + soothing caffeine-free herbal tea blend, PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend that’s ALL organic. You can order PT and other Tea-lation! tea blends, by clicking here. PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend (caffeine-free) – This ALL Organic minty must-have is a medley of mints that represent the 3 special cities in theContinue reading “PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend (Sans Caffeine)”

Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend (Sans Caffeine)

A delicious + nutritious, as well as aesthetically stunning sunset-hued tea blend, Tea-lation!’s Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend (caffeine-free) will inspire your senses! Treat your family + friends this fall with a packet of this beautiful, authentic tea blend (whether loose tea or tea bags) + other T-L! teas and don’t forget to treatContinue reading “Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend (Sans Caffeine)”

Caffeine-Free + Sleep-Friendly T-L! Tea Blends

Caffeine or Sans? Though caffeine is purported to actually yield some potential health benefits, like keeping us alert, improving memory, and enhancing brain function, it is also a serious stimulant and overdoing it can have adverse effects. If you’ve been known to reach for that cuppa something caffeinated after 5 pm and are still strugglingContinue reading “Caffeine-Free + Sleep-Friendly T-L! Tea Blends”

4 Authentic T-L! Tea Blends Are Ready To Order

Love teas? It’s time to try Tea-lation! teas! We currently have 4 authentic tea blends that are organic + natural, and we hope you will give all of them a try. Please click here to find out more and place your order. Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend: Organic rooibos, organic hibiscus, pink rose budsContinue reading “4 Authentic T-L! Tea Blends Are Ready To Order”