Petals Please Herbal Tea Blend (Sans Caffeine)

Stressful day? Relax with a soothing cuppa Petals Please Herbal Tea Blend and don’t worry about any caffeine keeping you awake at night. This beautiful floral tea blend is ideal for inviting a sweet slumber or to help you unwind with some much needed r and r. Click here to order this and try other T-L! tea blends, too.

Petals Please Herbal Tea Blend (caffeine-free) – Passion for pretty petals? If you’re fond of florals, this fragrant flowery tea blend is a dream come true and it’s just for you! Soothe your senses, as you savor every sip of this elegant and luxurious herbal tea blend.

Ingredients: Organic chamomile, organic lavender, and pink rose petals.

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