What T-L! Stands For

Mission: to reach out and share the true happiness, passion, and zest for life and teas (not just a nutritious and delicious beverage, but the ultimate enjoyable and enriching experience) with those who love teas and convert “tea virgins” into tea lovers. We want everyone who trys our teas to get and stay tea-lated!

Vision: connecting tea lovers with their fav beverages of authentic tea blends and enabling + encouraging them to lead healthier + happier lives – one tea blend at a time, one sip at a time, and one cuppa at a time – as they grow more sated and satisfied.

Core concept: We want each person who drinks Tea-lation! Teas to truly feel tea-lated and happy. We hope to remind people they are always truly loved, worthy, special, and supported.

Good goals: sharing our tea-lation!, zest, and zeal for organic and natural whole leaf teas in authentic tea blends you can’t find anywhere else in the world. We will use top quality ingredients that benefit our T-L! tea drinkers’ health and may even help them live longer. We aim to assist tea drinkers in branching out and experiencing more types of teas, enjoying te variety of different options, and inspiring our T-L! customers to share their favs! Nothing like sharing a cuppa happiness!

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