PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend

Enjoy our refreshing + soothing caffeine-free herbal tea blend, PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend that’s ALL organic. You can order PT and other Tea-lation! tea blends, by clicking here.

PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend (caffeine-free) – This ALL Organic minty must-have is a medley of mints that represent the 3 special cities in the PT (Piedmont Triad) of NC (North Carolina) – WS (Winston-Salem), GSO (Greensboro), and HP (High Point). Enjoy this soothing and refreshing herbal tea blend that subtly sweetens your palette and naturally aids digestion. Subtle hints of lemon and mint.

ALL ORGANIC Ingredients: Organic spearmint, organic peppermint, and organic lemon balm.

Tea-lation! PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend


Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend (Sans Caffeine)

A delicious + nutritious, as well as aesthetically stunning sunset-hued tea blend, Tea-lation!’s Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend (caffeine-free) will inspire your senses! Treat your family + friends this fall with a packet of this beautiful, authentic tea blend (whether loose tea or tea bags) + other T-L! teas and don’t forget to treat yourself!

Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend – Fruity, tart, and tangy beautifully rosey-hued tea blend that steeps to the color of a glorious sunset. Share, sip, and savor it as you watch that golden globe of sun set for the evening on the horizon and fade harmoniously into a sky full of colors, like a beautiful painting.

Ingredients: Pink rose petals, orange peel, lemon peel, organic hibiscus, and organic rooibos.

Please click here to order your Tea-lation! teas.

Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend is our very first tea customer’s fav new blend + 6th And Vine Wine Bar owner, Kathleen’s, fav. And, I have to say, I love it, too! It’s def also a fav. So, we sincerely hope you’ll give it and our other 3 tea blends a try! You can order T-L! teas directly, by clicking here.

Steep, share, sip, and savor your Tea-lation! teas. Please feel free to drop us a line anytime! We’re always open to custom tea blending, knowing your fav teas, and anything else that’s tea-related you’d like to share. You can email us @: TealationCuppaHappy@gmail.com

Our 2 ALL organic tea + hemp blends (AM + PM) are coming soon, too! We and our local hemp farmers at Celestial Wellness , who we’ve teamed up with to bring you these special, healthy tea + hemp blends, will be sure to keep y’all posted. Thanks always for supporting local!

Founder/Owner/T-L! Tea Blender

P.S. Please stay connected with Tea-lation! via social media for more updates you can get tea-lated about!

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Caffeine-Free + Sleep-Friendly T-L! Tea Blends

Caffeine or Sans?

Though caffeine is purported to actually yield some potential health benefits, like keeping us alert, improving memory, and enhancing brain function, it is also a serious stimulant and overdoing it can have adverse effects. If you’ve been known to reach for that cuppa something caffeinated after 5 pm and are still struggling to get to sleep at 5 am, the culprit is most likely caffeine.

Let your mind and body unwind the natural way at the end of the day, instead of amping up with an energizing stimulant that can keep you from getting that full night’s beauty sleep you need and well deserve. You don’t have to cut out caffeine completely, though. There’s always a time for tea – whatever kind your taste buds and tummy desire!

But, be smart and adapt your caffeine-intake to match – not mess up – your natural circadian rhythm. Reserve your more caffeinated teas to earlier in the day, when you can utilize the extra energy boost. Do your best to stay disciplined and do yourself a favor by switching to caffeine-free teas around 4 pm or 5 pm for the remainder of the evening.

Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you! You’ll be off to dreamland and catching up on those zzz’s in no time and hopefully wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and renewed, as a good night’s sleep should offer.

Opting for caffeine-free teas during the latter half of the day doesn’t mean you have to drink the same thing over and over again or be limited to just one type of tea.

“There’s lots to choose from and Tea-lation! is looking forward to providing you with a wide variety of many more authentic tea blends, both with and sans caffeine – for every time of the day and night!” shares Susan B. B. Schabacker, Tea-lation! founder, owner, and master tea blender.

Now available, are these organic + natural caffeine-free authentic tea blends we hope will enjoy trying + stock up on to add to your nightly routine:

Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend – Fruity, tart, and tangy beautifully rosey-hued tea blend that steeps to the color of a glorious sunset. Share, sip, and savor it as you watch that golden globe of sun set for the evening on the horizon and fade harmoniously into a sky full of colors, like a beautiful painting.

Ingredients: Pink rose petals, orange peel, lemon peel, organic hibiscus, and organic rooibos.

Petals Please Herbal Tea Blend – Passion for pretty petals? If you’re fond of florals, this fragrant flowery tea blend is a dream come true and it’s just for you! Soothe your senses, as you savor every sip of this elegant and luxurious herbal tea blend.

Ingredients: Organic chamomile, organic lavender, and pink rose petals.

PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend – This ALL Organic minty must-have is a medley of mints that represent the 3 special cities in the PT (Piedmont Triad) of NC (North Carolina) – WS (Winston-Salem), GSO (Greensboro), and HP (High Point). Enjoy this soothing and refreshing herbal tea blend that subtly sweetens your palette and naturally aids digestion. Subtle hints of lemon and mint.

Ingredients: Organic spearmint, organic peppermint, and organic lemon balm.

Hope you will try all 3 of these delicious and nutritious tea blends and let us know your fav(s). You can click here to order these authentic tea blends. Look forward to keeping you posted on our upcoming 2 ALL Organic tea + hemp blends – AM GM (Good Morning) Green Tea + Hemp Blend and PM Cozzzy Herbal Tea Blend. We are proud to partner with local hemp farmers at Celestial Wellness to bring you these special ALL organic tea + hemp blends.


4 Authentic T-L! Tea Blends Are Ready To Order

Love teas? It’s time to try Tea-lation! teas! We currently have 4 authentic tea blends that are organic + natural, and we hope you will give all of them a try. Please click here to find out more and place your order.

Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend: Organic rooibos, organic hibiscus, pink rose buds and petals, orange peel, and lemon peel. CAFFEINE-FREE.

Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend (Signature Line): What do you get when you mix yellow, orange, pink, and red? A truly beautiful hue that is reminiscent of a glorious summer sunrise or sunset! Slightly tart and fruitalicous, this is a delicious and nutritious tea blend you can enjoy hot or cold, indoors or out, at home or on the go.

Please click here to try T-L! Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend.

Petals Please PM Herbal Tea Blend: Pink rose buds and petals, organic chamomile, and organic lavender. CAFFEINE-FREE.

Petals Please PM Herbal Tea Blend:  Pretty petals, please. . . Drift away into dreamland as you dream of gardens galore and bouquets of fragrant flowers that transport you into heavenly bliss. Sweet dreams and sound sleep are only a cuppa of Petals Please away!

Please click here to try T-L! Petals Please Herbal Tea Blend.

WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend: Organic Genmaicha green tea, organic coconut flakes, lime peel, and organic spearmint.

WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend: Proud to be a local yokel and call this exciting and dynamic city of arts and innovation home sweet home? This authentic Cuppa Love Tea tea blend combines organic and natural ingredients that match the colors of the Forsyth county flag (green, white, and yellow). Delightfully nutty and def interesting.

Please click here to try T-L! WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend.

PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend: Organic Spearmint, organic peppermint, and organic lemon balm. CAFFEINE-FREE.

PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend: If you are a fan of mint and would rather skip the caffeine, this is the refreshing herbal tea blend for you! Three sibling cities located in North-Central North Carolina (Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point) are represented by three herbal ingredients that are blended into a refreshingly minty herbal tea blend: WS = Organic Spearmint, GSO = Organic Peppermint and HP = Organic Lemon Balm. Equally soothing and refreshing hot + cold.

Please click here to try T-L! PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend.


Behind The Scenes With Our Local Hemp Farmers @ Celestial Wellness!

We are excited to team up with local hemp farmers at Celestial Wellness to bring you to special tea + hemp blends (AM + PM blends). It’s not every day you get see what’s involved with producing and harvesting hemp, so we wanted to share some Q and As, as well as photos from behind the scenes! If you have additional questions for our local hemp partners, you can get in touch with them here. Special thanks to Justin, with Celestial Hemp, for providing this organic material for us to see and know more about their local hemp, which we look forward to including in our tea blends!

Q: How are hemp blossoms harvested? Please explain the process as best you can – in a nutshell. 

A: They are harvested in several different ways. Our method is to cut off the branches and then run the branches over a fan blade. We then hang the rough trimmed branches in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After they are sufficiently dried, we then remove all of the flower from the branches, and fine trim it. After it is fine trimmed, we then store it with humidity control packets in a temperature controlled place, and let it cure for at least a week. 

Q: You have shared that the hemp blossoms have to decarboxylated- basically put in the oven for a certain amount of time in order to activate the compounds. What is the purpose of decarboxylating hemp and what does the process entail? What properties become activated when the hemp blossoms are decarboxylated?

A: Decarboxylation is the process that turns CBDA into CBD. It essentially activates the CBDA so it does not have to be activated by the user at the time of consumption. This does not have to be done to hemp that is smoked because when it is lit, the decarboxylation occurs almost instantly. With hemp that is ingested, however, it must be done beforehand. Heating it to 210-230 degrees for 30-45 minutes typically will do the trick for decarbing. 

Q: We use two different types of hemp blossoms in our AM and PM hemp tea blends. What are the differences between cherry (in the AM blend) and berry (in the PM blend)? Why are they called names of fruit and are they flavored with cherry and berry? 

A: The types of flower, Cherry Blossom and Berry Blossom, are only named that because the geneticist that created the strains named them so. 

The Cherry Blossom is, to my knowledge, actually a strain that was created with Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom. It was created by combining the genetics of Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom.

The Berry Blossom strain was created with Cherry Kandahar S1 and Chardonnay genetics.

We did not create these strains, we just purchased the seeds from another licensed farmer.  We have had several customers mention that they had a fruity flavor, so that may be why they were named that way. It really comes down to your personal preference as to how it aligns with the other ingredients when creating the blends.

We look forward to having these two delicious and nutritious ALL organic tea + hemp blends available for y’all to order soon. So, please keep checking back on our Tea-lation store, where we currently have 4 authentic tea blends ready to go – so you can sip your cuppa happy!


Partnering With Celestial Wellness On 2 Tea + Hemp Blends

You may already be familiar with the health benefits of both tea and hemp and have also noticed that hemp products are particularly “in” and trending right now.

We also hope to embrace this, and we jumped (in a tea-lated kind of way) at the opportunity to team up with local hemp farmers at Celestial Wellness (formerly known as Celestial Hemp) to bring y’all 2 very special organic tea + hemp blends we hope you will try soon!

We are currently in the process of getting them ready for you and hope to have both tea + hemp blends available online from our shopify online tea store. Celestial Wellness also hopes to sell them online from their website, as well as in their brick and mortar store. Go check them out sometime and tell them Tea-lation! sent you!

We’re on our way with your 2 tea + hemp blends. . . Our organic tea blend ingredients have arrive via mail and the tea blending process in our certified, commercial kitchen will begin very soon. Our hemp farmers and business partners, at Celestial Wellness, are also busy getting their cherry and berry hemp blossoms ready to add into our blend. Hemp blossoms must under go a heat-activation process called “decarboxilation” to kick-start compounds that provide the most health benefits.

So, what teas with hemp will be offering? We are starting out with 2 organic tea + hemp blends for AM (GM – Good Morning!) Green Tea Blend and PM (Co-zzzy) Herbal Tea Blend that’s completely caffeine-free.

When you’re ready to try them . . . We hope you’ll wake up excited to start your morning with a healthy jumpstart you can share, sip, and savor and end your evening with a calming cuppa that helps you catch some much-needed zzz’s, too! These healthy teas with hemp may quickly become an important part of your daily routine.

We will keep you posted on when we will have our tea + hemp blends available for you to order online. Thanks so much for your encouragement and support!


4 Tea-lation! Tea Blends Now Available Online!

Finally! Your wait is now over and it’s time to try our teas! Our very first 4 authentic Tea-lation! tea blends are ready for you to buy and try, so we hope you will give them all a share, a steep, a sip, and a savor!

You can now order: Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend (Caffeine-Free), Petals Please Herbal Tea Blend (Caffeine-Free), W-S (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend, and PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend (Caffeine-Free) on our Tea-lation! online Shopify store.

We are proud to be an American, minority, and woman owned local W-S (Winston-Salem), NC tea business, committed to your health and happiness! A special thank you to all those who have been patiently (or maybe not so patiently) waiting on our tea blends.

FYI- we have packaging for Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend, but our other 3 tea blends don’t have labels printed yet. So, please don’t mind the unembellished bags with handwritten labeling. We will keep you posted on when we will upgrade our packaging, but remember – it’s the content that counts!

So sorry for the delay, y’all, and we sincerely hope you will enjoy our Tea-lation! teas. You can direct any suggestions and questions to us at: TealationCuppaHappy@gmail.comOur online store is finally ready, and website make-over and updates coming soon.Thanks for your encouragement and support! Looking forward to sharing more with you soon. We hope you will share, steep, sip, and savor your cuppa happy with Tea-lation!’s authentic tea blends.


Tea-lation + Bingo Bango Hibiscus Tea Lemonade Ads in Forsyth Mags

We are excited to have our advertisements out in the July 2020 issue of Forsyth Woman magazine for both Tea-lation and Bingo Bango’s Hibiscus Tea Lemonade (that contains our Rose Citrus Hibiscus Tea Blend and is caffeine-free.

Tea-lation founder, owner, and master tea blender, Susan B. B. Schabacker, enjoyed doing the product photography (@SBBSPhotography on Facebook + Instagram) for both these ads, along with the graphic design for the ad layouts and hopes to create more product shots and promotional materials coming up.

Susan is also a freelance writer and writes multiple articles on a monthly basis for Forsyth Woman and Forsyth Family, as well as for National Geographic and National Geographic Kids. You can pick up your own complementary copies of Forsyth Mags at Harris Teeter and Food Lion grocery stores in Forsyth county.

Enjoy + Happy Reading!


Bingo Bango Hibiscus Tea Lemonade

Bingo Bango Beverage Co., a local W-S (Winston-Salem, NC), natural fruit soda company partnered with us (back when we were Cuppa Love Teas ) to create an eclectic, new bottled beverage: Hibiscus Tea Lemonade. Inspired by a refreshing Arnold Palmer, we use Bingo Bango’s fresh lemonade and our authentic tea blend, Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend, that’s totally caffeine-free, delicious, and nutritious. Instead of black tea, it contains organic rooibos and is an ideal drink to sip and savor in spring and summer! Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy sipping this yummy, thirst-quenching beverage!

Be on the look out at Total Wine at 551 S. Stratford Rd. in Winston-Salem, NC, starting Thursday, May 7, 2020 – where they also provide curbside pickup – so you can go get your Hibiscus Tea Lemonade bottle(s) to take home with you and enjoy!

More locations coming soon that we will def keep y’all posted on. . .

Bingo Bango Site + Social Media Links:

Bingo Bango Site: https://bingo-bango.com/

Bingo Bango on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BingoBangoSoda/

Bingo Bango on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bingobangosoda/

Tea-lation Site + Social Media Links:

Tea-lation! Website: https://www.tea-lation.com/

Tea-lation! on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tealation

Tea-lation! on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tealation

Tea-lation! on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/teascuppa

Tea-lation! on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/teascuppa


Introducing Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend

Hello, Tea Lovers and Fanatics!

We hope you are all doing well! We are looking forward to bringing you our first Tea-lation! tea blend, Rose Citrus Hibiscus – introduced here in this vid, below.

We are currently still working on the packaging, but you can go ahead and buy some and for a reasonable price (with a special discount for local yokels from NC) without the professional packaging.

We are happy to mail it to you (but you’ll have to cover the shipping and handling).
You can send us an email: TealationCuppaHappy@gmail.com

This is a tough time for everyone and we are doing the best we can, too – but struggling. Your encouragement and support are always appreciated.

Thanks for helping your local, woman and minority owned business – Tea-lation! Soon you can sip your own cuppa happy.

We will post on our website options for purchasing our teas, so please keep checking back here and make sure you subscribe to our blog and stay connected with us via social media.

Hope y’all stay healthy and happy!


Abundant Health Benefits of Teas


Tea is a rich source of flavonoids, bioactive compounds that decrease oxidative stress and alleviate inflammation – that may also reduce plaque build up in the arteries. Full of antioxidants, tea is well known to help us stay healthy, young, as well as protect us from the harmful effects of pollution.

Q: So, we know tea contains lots of antioxidants, but what else nutritionally do teas have that can benefit our health? A: Teas contain minerals including: phosphorus, sodium, zinc, copper, and magnesium.


Some research studies have concluded that drinking tea can improve vascular reactivity – the level at which your blood vessels respond to physical and emotional stress. Tea may also lower levels of harmful LDL cholesterol and blood pressure.

With wide varieties of low-caffeine and caffeine-free options to choose from, you don’t have to struggle with becoming overly caffeinated. Some of the negative results of overloading on caffeine include: headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and even increased mortality. The Mayo Clinic participated in a study that involved men who drank more than 4 8 fl. oz. cups of coffee and experienced a 21% increase in all-cause mortality. However, caffeine can have some positive benefits – like boosting your energy levels and alertness, but just don’t overdo it. And, opt for a cuppa tea over a cuppa Joe – tea contains less caffeine than its coffee counterpart.

If you want to avoid heart attack and stroke, tea may have a positive impact in helping you reduce your risk. A recent study concluded that green tea drinkers experienced a nearly 20% less risk in heart attack and 35% decreased risk in stroke in those who had 1-3 cups of green tea daily.

Want to lose weight? Try drinking more tea! There is no magic bullet to weight loss, but research studies have proven that drinking tea can help you achieve your goals when paired with a healthy diet and exercise. Catechins, a type of flavonoid in teas, can help boost your metabolism and assist your body in breaking down fats more quickly and efficiently. The caffeine content in teas can actually be beneficial, helping you increase your energy use that allows you to burn more calories – and therefore shed more pounds.


Drinking tea helps you stay hydrated and is an ideal alternative to water – which can get old and boring sometimes. Thankfully, there are loads of health benefits to drinking teas (herbal teas, included). So, the next time you want something to sip – try a cuppa tea! Steep, sip, and savor.

Please click here to check out the article I wrote on some of the health benefits of this popular beverage in Forsyth Family magazine.


Afternoon Tea Party Outdoors

You’re invited to our outdoors afternoon tea party!

You’re invited. . . Enjoy an afternoon tea party outdoors on a beautiful spring day! Don some sunnies and a hat and join us with a cuppa and your mobile device to watch our tea party vids. Also, invited is my lookalike American Girl doll, who enjoyed Tea-lation! Blueberry Mango White Tea Blend. It put a smile on her face.

Steep, share, sip, and savor. And, remember: pinkies out, everyone!

Cheers, mate! Sip Your Cuppa Happy!


It’s Officially Tea-lation!

Susan, Tea-lation! founder/owner/tea blender explains the details of changing our tea business name from Cuppa Love Teas to Tea-lation! Our old tagline was “Love in Every Cuppa” and our new tagline is “Sip Your Cuppa Happy.” Tea-lation is a port manteaux word that combines two of our fav words, “tea” and “elation” – meaning great happiness and exhilaration, which is exactly how we want each of you to feel as you Sip Your Cuppa Happy!

Our new website address is https://www.tea-lation.com, which will redirect from http://www.cuppaloveteasws.com, so please don’t worry if you happen to type in our old web address. You’ll still arrive at the same happy place.

We are feeling happy and excited about our Tea-lation! logo/brand identity that we believe represents our tea business well. Take a closer look at our logo and notice that the saucer (under the cuppa graphic) represents a smiling mouth – with dimples. Even our saucer is happy!

We also have good news that we currently have for delicious + nutritious tea blends available that you can order. Please click here to find out more and check out our authentic tea blends.

Look forward to keeping y’all posted on everything! Please stay in touch with us and keeping checking back on our website for our teas and updates – coming soon. Any comments, questions, or suggestions?

You can always send us an email: TealationCuppaHappy@gmail.com and we hope to be in touch soon! Thanks for reaching out.

Tea-lation Site + Social Media Links Tea-lation!

Website: https://www.tea-lation.com/

Tea-lation! on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tealation

Tea-lation! on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tealation

Tea-lation! on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/teascuppa

Tea-lation! on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/teascuppa


Staying Healthy + Staying in Touch

Hope y’all are all doing well! We wanted to let you know how much we love and appreciate every one of you and hope you will remain hopeful and keep in close touch. Although, we will not see you in person for a while, we hope to connect with you via email, our website and social media. Thankfully, technology enables us to reach each other without the risk of contracting COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

As you are now aware, many businesses are struggling immensely and the virus has had a devastating and destructive effect on our lives worldwide. However difficult, we choose to remain hopeful for the near future and will do our utmost to work together to support each other when times are tough.

We value every one of the Winston-Salem businesses that we have partnered with and our hearts go out to them as many close down during this trying period. We want to give a special thanks and shout out to our friends and business colleagues who carry Tea-lation! teas @: Celestial Wellness, Moji Coffee + More, Thai Harmony, Downtown Thai, 6th and Vine Wine Bar, and Mystic Ginger.

Please know you are never alone, even if you are physically. We are always with you in spirit and hope you will realize that. We hope you will stay safe and healthy. Be cautious and take necessary precautions, as suggested. It’s important to take this seriously, as it is a serious matter across the globe as well as locally now. Do your best to keep others well, too and avoid exposure to the virus by social distancing, constant hand washing and boosting your immune system with extra Vitamin C. And, we are proud that there are so many bountiful health benefits in teas! We hope you will try our T-L! teas and be healthier and happier (tea-lated). Please click here to check out what’s currently available.


From Cuppa Love Teas to Tea-lation!

We want to share the news with you that we are in the process of getting our new business name, Tea-lation! trademarked and just had a fresh logo/brand identity designed. Our new tagline is “Sip Your Cuppa Happy.”

CuppaLoveTeasWS.com will automatically redirect to Tea-lation.com (please don’t forget the hyphen between “tea” and “lation.” We don’t want to leave those who still know us as Cuppa Love Teas in the dust. We also will be changing our handles and also links to our social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter), so please make sure to get connected with us via our new name. Please get word out about our new business name change. We want everyone to stay informed.

There is a lot of thought and heart behind the concept of Tea-lation! It is a port manteau word that means: great happiness and exhilaration. Here are some synonyms of the word “elation.”

Synonyms of Elation: blessedness, bliss, blissfulness, delight, fervor, frenzy, inspiration, enchantment, ecstasy, exuberance, enthusiasm, euphoria, exhilaration, glee, joy, jubilation, rapture, buoyancy, buzz, charge, delight, exaltation, exultation, high, intoxication, jollies, joyfulness, joyousness, kick, kicks, transport, triumph, upper, cloud nine, high spirits, stars in one’s eyes, up, heaven, seventh heaven, paradise, transport, trance, felicity, gladness, happiness, pleasure, reverie, passion, cheer, cheerfulness, gaiety, and lightheartedness.

We aim to go forward with more passion and enthusiasm, zeal and zest than before – with a spring in our step and happiness in our hearts that we will share in every cuppa tea! You will see our new logo/brand identity all around with our rebranding. We hope you will embrace it, as we are, and share and sip a cuppa happy with us!


Susan B. B. Schabacker, Tea-lation! Founder, Owner, and Master Tea Blender


Cuppa Love Teas and V-Day Song on WTOB 980 AM + 96.3 FM

We were excited to be mentioned by Ken Hauser on the local Winston-Salem, NC radio, WTOB 980 AM and 96.3 FM. I am a local singer/songwriter and collaborated on this Valentine’s Day song with singer/songwriter/guitarist, Hans Rolf.

We love writing about love and our latest song is all about tea! I am writing other songs about our tea blends, as well. We are working on recording our first tea song and look forward to sharing it soon. Will keep y’all posted!


Tea Blends to Try @ Mystic Ginger Indian Bistro

Head to Mystic Ginger Indian Bistro at 285 W. Fourth Street in downtown Winston-Salem, NC for a delicious Indian meal that’s authentic and enjoy a cuppa delicious tea that complements your exotic food. Here’s what’s on our menu so far:


ORGANIC MYSTIC GINGER Masala Chai Black Tea Blend: Transport your senses to the exotic tastes of India, with fragrant spices and a strong black tea. A hint of ginger gives this all organic tea blend extra pizazz. This signature tea blend was specially custom blended for Mystic Ginger and is a perfect complement to your Indian meal.

  • Ingredients: Organic Masala Chai black tea blend, organic ginger pieces

MANGO LASSI Rooibos Tea Blend:  Mad about mango? Love a good mango lassi? Try Cuppa Love Teas Mango Lassi Rooibos Tea Blend at any time of day or night, since it’s completely caffeine-free. This fruitalicious tea blend was inspired by one of our fav drinks and is a perfect complement with your Indian dinner and/or dessert.

  • Ingredients: Organic Rooibos, natural mango flavor extract

Cuppa Love Teas on Fox 8 WGHP News

Please click here to watch the news segment on “Made in NC” on Fox 8 WGHP News. Enjoyed chatting with local newscaster, Brad Jones, of Fox 8 WGHP News about Cuppa Love Teas at one of our locations where we sell our teas, Moji Coffee + More. I answered questions about the process of creating tea blends, some of our goals, and what I’ve been working on for this spring!

I shared about how much I love the creative process of blending and branding. It’s intuitive and a lot like cooking. You engage your senses and they lead you with direction to go.

One of our goals is to convert “tea virgins” into avid fans and fanatics that simply fall in love with tea. One sip usually does the trick! We have been very grateful to receive very positive feedback about our teas and some glowing rave reviews.

Another goal of Cuppa Love Teas is to branch out and expand into the PT (Piedmont Triad) area, such as in Greensboro, Kernersville, and High Point. We have special GSO (Greensboro) and PT (Piedmont Triad) tea blends. Also, in our Location Line are W-S (Winston-Salem) a popular organic Genmaicha Japanese toasted rice green tea blend with ingredients the colors of the Forsyth County flag, NC (North Carolina) White Tea Blend a berrylicious blend with ingredients the colors of the North Carolina state flag, and USA (United States of America) a patriotic blend with ingredients the colors of the American flag that is naturally flavored with strawberry and bergamot.

Long term goals that may seem a bit lofty now, but will hopefully come to pass in the future: getting our teas into the White House with the President and First Lady sipping and savoring them and into Buckingham Palace with the Royal Family (including none other than the Queen, herself) holding their pinkies out, Cuppa Love Teas cuppas in their hands. Who knows? Maybe sharing a cuppa love will bring the Royal Family together again. Afternoon tea can be an important time for social matters.

Here are some direct quotes from the Fox 8 WGHP news segment with Brad Jones, called “Made in NC:”

“While Moji Coffee has 10 Cuppa Love Teas varieties available, they often change with the season. They just featured a few holiday themed blends for Christmas and soon you’ll see some new flavors, as the weather warms up,” said Brad Jones with Fox 8 WGHP News.

So, what’s on the radar for spring 2020? The blossoming of floral ingredients, as in a Jasmine bouquet and English garden with pink rose petals and buds and lavender. These beautiful and elegant tea blends celebrate the budding of spring and represent fresh growth, as we all want to experience. We also have a special tea blend called “Spring Awakening,” that has chamomile flowers in it and, in contrast to its name, is very relaxing, soothing, and calming.

In the interview with Courtney, of Moji Coffee + More, she mentions her favorite tea blend is Berrylicious Black Tea Blend. “When we’re brewing it, it smells like fresh berries all over the shop. It has a really distinct berry flavor that I’ve never really experienced in a tea,” said Courtney in the Fox 8 WGHP News interview.

“Those flavors appeal to more than just your sense of taste. The aroma is part of the experience, too,” said Brad Jones, of Fox 8 WGHP News.

“So it’s really been nice to have some local tea made in WS to feature at our shop,” said Courtney, of Moji Coffee + More.

Cuppa Love Teas is all the rage and made in NC. Tea made with a local connection and a local flavor. It’s a traditional drink, but a Winston-Salem woman is taking tea to a new level. Cuppa Love Teas are gaining a lot of fans. Featured at a number of restaurants and coffeeshops and there’s a lot of variety. So far she’s created about 70 blends. Susan Schabacker starts with different types of tea and then mixes them with herbal and floral ingredients,” said Brad Jones, of Fox 8 WGHP News.

“So, we’ve got your strongest cuppa with caffeine with the black tea, we’ve got chais, we’ve got green tea, we’ve got white tea with less caffeine than green tea, we’ve got rooibos, which is caffeine-free (South African rooibos) and herbal (of course), which is like your chamomile or lavender or the mints,” said Schabacker on “Made in NC” on Fox 8 WGHP News.

“Susan’s flavors are brewed up hot, but you can serve them hot or cold. She just wants people to break out of their routine and try something new,” said Brad Jones, of Fox 8 WGHP News.

“I really want people who are “tea virgins,” we like to call them, to experience tea for the first time and fall in love with it,” Schabacker said.

Cuppa Love Teas, a natural way to enjoy a little love in every cuppa,” said Brad Jones, of Fox 8 WGHP News.


6 Cuppa Love Teas Tea Blends @ Moji Coffee

Come say “hi” to the enthusiastic team of mojistas @ Moji Coffee + More at 690 Trade St. NW, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, where you can feel at home in an artfully-inspired environment that embraces everyone!

Our 6 Cuppa Love Teas tea blends are now available over @ Moji Coffee on Trade St. in downtown Winston-Salem. They are: WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend, Berrylicious Black Tea Blend, Blueberry Mango White Tea Blend, Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend, Elegant Earl Grey, and Traditional English Breakfast.

Support Moji Coffee + More, who supports those with developmental and intellectual disabilities and celebrates differences that make us unique.

Our official Cuppa Love Teas launch event will be sometime in late November or early December. We will be sure to keep y’all posted!


Cuppa Love Teas Pop Up Shop @ Venture Cafe

Come try a FREE cuppa Cuppa Love Teas Thursday nights (October, November, December 5 (only, at Biotech Place – 575 Patterson Ave., Winston-Salem, NC), and January) from 5 pm-7:30 pm for the weekly entrepreneurial events at the Venture Cafe on the second floor of the Bailey Power Plant next to Incendiary Brewing and Alma Mexicana in Winston-Salem, NC.

Here is the event invite on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1170234163165500/

We have 4 authentic tea blends that are also available at a/perture cinema at 311 W. Fourth St. 2 unique tea blends are from our Local/Location line: WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend and PT (Piedmont Triad). We also have our most popular fall/autumn Cuppa Love Teas tea blend, Chai Pumpkin Spice Black Tea Blend that’s all organic. Our 4th blend is inspired by Downton Abbey, called Pinkies Out Rooibos Tea Blend and is a bit cheeky.

Come talk to us about Cuppa Love Teas, check out our tea blends (see and smell) and enjoy a FREE cuppa! There is also FREE food available for all our guests and you can eat and drink as you network. You may want to bring a stack of business cards with you to exchange with people you meet. Check out the talks on a variety of different business-related topics. It’s an ideal opportunity for local entrepreneurs!

Here’s how to register for this FREE networking event: https://www.venturecafekiosk.org/registration/winston-salem/


Cuppa Love Teas Launch @ a/perture cinema for Downton Abbey

Dear Madams and Sirs,

Thank you for joining us for a cuppa Friday, September 20 at a/perture cinema on 311 W. Fourth Street in downtown Winston-Salem during the showings of the long awaited Downton Abbey. We enjoyed celebrating the launch of Cuppa Love Teas at a/perture.

Try an authentic Cuppa Love Teas tea blend, and remember, pinkies out! (Pinkies Out! is actually the name of our new organic Rooibos tea blend that is specially blended with inspiration from Downton Abbey and good ‘ole afternoon tea)!

On Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22, we will be hosted pop up shops down the corridor, to the right of the concessions.

Other Cuppa Love Teas tea blends we are currently offering include two unique blends from our Local/Location Line: WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend and PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend, which is sans caffeine.

Another tea we will have ready to greet your taste buds and treat your tummy is soon to be a fall fav: Organic Chai Pumpkin Spice Black Tea Blend (our first all organic tea).

There are lots of people going and lots of showings! Pick up your tix from a/perture, head to concessions for your cuppa and enjoy the show!


Cuppa Love Teas – Love in Every Cuppa!