Supporting Coronavirus Aid + Relief With T-L! BTV: Beyond The Virus And Local Line of Tea Blends

We are tea-lated!, happy, and honored to offer tea gifts that give back to support the lives of many, devastated by COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The BTV: Beyond The Virus humanitarian coronavirus aid + relief project has become Susan’s creative response (with custom-blended teas, original world music, and local art) to this global pandemic.

She creatively crafted 2 special and authentic ALL organic T-L! BTV tea blends with bringing the races of the world together in mind in unified, harmonious tea blends, both nutritious and delicious.

BTV Organic Mango AM Green + Black Tea Blend combines: Organic Assam (representing Africans and African-Americans), organic Sencha (representing Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders), organic coconut flakes (representing Caucasians), and organic mango flavor extract (representing Hispanics and Latinos).

BTV Organic Lime PM Herbal Tea Blend combines: Organic lime flavor extract (representing Hispanics and Latinos), organic coconut flakes (representing Caucasians), organic ginger (representing Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders), and organic cinnamon (representing Africans and African-Americans).

Special thanks to local, talented advertising agency, Wildfire Advertising (esp. to Brad, Anne, and Jeff) for their hard work and professionalism in designing our T-L! BTV tea labels. We are happy + honored to have your support for this coronavirus cause.

Find out more details about Susan’s BTV humanitarian project, in creative response to the coronavirus crisis in the links below.

BTV article November issue of FW (Forsyth Woman)

BTV article in December issue of FF (Forsyth Family)

BTV article in December issue of PL (Piedmont Local)

BTV article in December issue of Relish of the WS Journal

BTV in a nutshell on Susan’s Music Blogsite 

BTV original world music album on Susan’s Bandcamp

Thanks for your support + encouragement of our local NC, American, woman, and minority owned tea business and 2 charitable non-profit orgs (1 local + 1 international) for COVID-19 humanitarian aid + relief.

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