Our T-L! Story

Tea-lation! Back Story: With fond memories of an overall happy childhood, I remember gathering aromatic herbs and beautiful flowers, blending teas + making sachets to give as gifts to all our loved ones – family, friends and neighbors, who enjoyed them so much, they raved about them and asked for more. It was an honor and it felt good to receive nothing, but glowing remarks and positive feedback about these special teas, after many years of sharing my tea blends. So, I decided to take my tea blends farther – and with an inspired and stoked entrepreneurial spirit and mindset – I began developing my tea business (initially called Cuppa Love Teas). So, blending teas began as an interest, passion, and hobby and later branched into my tea business.

Tea-lation! Tea Experience: Whilst studying corporate communications through Elon University in London, UK, I had an ideal opportunity to have a marketing internship at the Bramah Museum of Tea & Coffee, near the river Thames.

I quickly became a tea lover, ever so enchanted and embracing of the quality loose, whole leaf teas, fine china and pinkies held aloft.  The thrice or more daily cuppa tea became as much a part of my routine as brushing my teeth. And, I am convinced I am in better health for it – not to mention much happier! That’s how I sincerely hope Tea-lation! Teas will make you feel, also, as you sip your cuppa happy. If you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up, it’s an easy + good way to get happy again – tea-lated!

After drinking my first cup of loose, whole leaf tea, I became hooked – it was like comparing a juicy + ripe garden-fresh tomato to a grocery store tomato. I decided I would not drink a tea bag filled with fannings/tea dust again, unless I were doing a taste test.  

The overall taste, flavor, and entire experience are much more authentic with loose, whole leaf tea – and not to be missed! So, if you are a tea drinker, but have only tried bagged teas of tea dust/fannings, please don’t deprive yourself. . . Steep a cuppa or potta loose tea, whole leave tea, share, sip, and savor! Experience the true beauty, wonder, and magic of tea. Don’t forget to take a whiff of your tea before you steep it, enjoy watching those tea leaves dance, and inspire your senses.

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