Introducing T-L! GSO (Greensboro) Herbal Tea Blend (Sans Caffeine) – Local/Location Tea

A harmonious, well-balanced ALL organic and caffeine-free herbal tea blend that soothes your senses. Calming chamomile, savory cinnamon, and refreshing peppermint complement each other in this truly satisfying authentic T-L! tea blend. This is an ideal fall/autumn tea blend to share, sip, and savor. Click here to order GSO (Greensboro) Herbal Tea Blend and other T-L! teas. Try our other T-L! local/location teas, too, including: WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend + PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend (ALL Organic + Caffeine-Free).

GSO (Greensboro) Herbal Tea Blend (ALL Organic + Caffeine-Free) – Known as the “Gate City,” Greensboro is a diverse and varied city with an air of sophistication. Akin to Winston-Salem in the presence of arts, Greensboro also shares similarities to High Point in its international affinity to different cultures. All organic herbal tea ingredients (organic chamomile = yellow, organic cinnamon chips = brown, and organic peppermint = green) represent each color of the City of Greensboro flag.

GSO (Greensboro) Herbal Tea Blend (ALL Organic + Caffeine-Free) – Organic chamomile, organic cinnamon chips, and organic peppermint.

Click here to order T-L! teas.

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