Celebrate Autumn With Festive Fall Tea-lation! Tea Blends

As autumn leaves change colors and the air gets chillier, there’s nothing like a good cuppa tea to comfort you and keep you cozy. Celebrate a festive fall with our authentic Tea-lation! tea blends and get them as gifts to share with your loved ones.

Orange Cinnamon Green Tea Blend: Celebrate a festive fall/autumn with this with subtly spiced tea blend that will benefit your health, soothe your senses, + treat your tummy. Enjoy this well-balanced blend of savory organic cinnamon, sweet orange, and organic grassy Japanese sencha.

Organic Honey Vanilla Herbal Tea Blend (ALL Organic + Caffeine-Free):  Looking for a sweet ALL Organic herbal treat? Love the sweet taste of candy corns? Doesn’t have to be Halloween for you to enjoy this festive fall/autumn tea blend with beautiful blooms. Skip the caffeine + sugar with this nutritious + delicious tea blend. 

And, for those who love chai, be on the look out for our organic chais with pumpkin spice + carrot cake flavors. We will be sharing all fall flavors soon!

Ready to try our T-L! Teas? Click here to order, and get a FREE fall sampler when you buy 2+ T-L! teas.

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