Tea-lation! is a proud-to-be-local WS (Winston-Salem), NC (North Carolina), American, woman, + minority owned tea business that offers organic + natural authentic tea blends. We hope you will share, steep, sip, and savor a cuppa T-L! teas and get healthy + happy! Enjoy the bountiful health benefits + variety of flavors of our delicious + nutritious teas. Each of our T-L! teas are creatively inspired and ever so carefully hand-blended (using gloves, of course) in our certified, commercial kitchen that has been approved by the Department of Agriculture.

We are intent on enriching tea lovers’ lives, converting tea virgins into tea fans + fanatics and on providing the ultimate tea experience by inspiring and embracing the senses- one blend at a time, one cuppa at a time, one sip at a time, and one cuppa at a time!

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