From Cuppa Love Teas to Tea-lation!

We want to make sure you know that we our new business name is Tea-lation! (changed from Cuppa Love Teas) and our new tagline is “Sip Your Cuppa Happy.” For those who are still typing in our old web address:, no worries! The Cuppa Love Teas url will automatically redirect to We didn’tContinue reading “From Cuppa Love Teas to Tea-lation!”

Cuppa Love Teas and V-Day Song on WTOB 980 AM + 96.3 FM

We were excited to be mentioned by Ken Hauser on the local Winston-Salem, NC radio, WTOB 980 AM and 96.3 FM. I am a local singer/songwriter and collaborated on this Valentine’s Day song with singer/songwriter/guitarist, Hans Rolf. We love writing about love and our latest song is all about tea! I am writing other songsContinue reading “Cuppa Love Teas and V-Day Song on WTOB 980 AM + 96.3 FM”

Tea Blends to Try @ Mystic Ginger Indian Bistro

Head to Mystic Ginger Indian Bistro at 285 W. Fourth Street in downtown Winston-Salem, NC for a delicious Indian meal that’s authentic and enjoy a cuppa delicious tea that complements your exotic food. Here’s what’s on our menu so far: CUPPA LOVE TEAS TEA BLEND MENU FOR MYSTIC GINGER ORGANIC MYSTIC GINGER Masala Chai BlackContinue reading “Tea Blends to Try @ Mystic Ginger Indian Bistro”

Cuppa Love Teas on Fox 8 WGHP News

Please click here to watch the news segment on “Made in NC” on Fox 8 WGHP News. Enjoyed chatting with local newscaster, Brad Jones, of Fox 8 WGHP News about Cuppa Love Teas at one of our locations where we sell our teas, Moji Coffee + More. I answered questions about the process of creatingContinue reading “Cuppa Love Teas on Fox 8 WGHP News”

Fox 8 News T-L! Interview @ Moji Coffee

Check out the Fox 8 newsanchor, Brad Jones‘s interview with T-L! (then Cuppa Love Teas) founder, owner, and master tea blender at Moji Coffee + More on Trade St. in downtown Winston-Salem, NC. Thoroughly enjoyed talking with about Cuppa Love Teas in an interview that was filmed at We talked about different authentic tea blends,Continue reading “Fox 8 News T-L! Interview @ Moji Coffee”

Custom Signature Cuppa Love Teas Tea Blend

ORGANIC + NATURAL INGREDIENTS TO CHOOSE FROM: PLEASE NOTE: You can pick your own ingredients (including others not listed here) or have Susan decide what to use in your custom, signature tea blend. TEAS: Assam, English Breakfast, Chai, Genmaicha, Sencha, Rooibos, White Peony HERBS + FLOWERS: Spearmint, Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Lemongrass, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel,Continue reading “Custom Signature Cuppa Love Teas Tea Blend”

4 Cuppa Love Teas Tea Blends @ 6th & Vine

Enjoy a bite of delicious food and grab a cuppa tea over at 6th and Vine at 209 W. Sixth St. in downtown Winston-Salem, NC. Be sure to ask for a Cuppa Love Teas menu and choose from 4 authentic tea blends: WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend, PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend, Rose CitrusContinue reading “4 Cuppa Love Teas Tea Blends @ 6th & Vine”

2 Cuppa Love Teas Tea Blends @ Downtown Thai

Head over to Downtown Thai at 271 W. Fourth St. to enjoy Cuppa Love Teas authentic tea blend with your pho or Thai Asian Fusion dish. You can choose from WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend and Chai Pumpkin Spice Black Tea Blend (you can also find these two tea blends at a/perture cinema at 311Continue reading “2 Cuppa Love Teas Tea Blends @ Downtown Thai”

6 Cuppa Love Teas Tea Blends @ Moji Coffee

Our 6 Cuppa Love Teas tea blends are now available over @ Moji Coffee on Trade St. in downtown Winston-Salem. They are: WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend, Berrylicious Black Tea Blend, Blueberry Mango White Tea Blend, Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend, Elegant Earl Grey, and Traditional English Breakfast. Support Moji Coffee + More, whoContinue reading “6 Cuppa Love Teas Tea Blends @ Moji Coffee”