Partnering With Celestial Wellness On 2 Tea + Hemp Blends

You may already be familiar with the health benefits of both tea and hemp and have also noticed that hemp products are particularly “in” and trending right now.

We also hope to embrace this, and we jumped (in a tea-lated kind of way) at the opportunity to team up with local hemp farmers at Celestial Wellness (formerly known as Celestial Hemp) to bring y’all 2 very special organic tea + hemp blends we hope you will try soon!

We are currently in the process of getting them ready for you and hope to have both tea + hemp blends available online from our shopify online tea store. Celestial Wellness also hopes to sell them online from their website, as well as in their brick and mortar store. Go check them out sometime and tell them Tea-lation! sent you!

We’re on our way with your 2 tea + hemp blends. . . Our organic tea blend ingredients have arrive via mail and the tea blending process in our certified, commercial kitchen will begin very soon. Our hemp farmers and business partners, at Celestial Wellness, are also busy getting their cherry and berry hemp blossoms ready to add into our blend. Hemp blossoms must under go a heat-activation process called “decarboxilation” to kick-start compounds that provide the most health benefits.

So, what teas with hemp will be offering? We are starting out with 2 organic tea + hemp blends for AM (GM – Good Morning!) Green Tea Blend and PM (Co-zzzy) Herbal Tea Blend that’s completely caffeine-free.

When you’re ready to try them . . . We hope you’ll wake up excited to start your morning with a healthy jumpstart you can share, sip, and savor and end your evening with a calming cuppa that helps you catch some much-needed zzz’s, too! These healthy teas with hemp may quickly become an important part of your daily routine.

We will keep you posted on when we will have our tea + hemp blends available for you to order online. Thanks so much for your encouragement and support!

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