TL! Rainbow Herbal Tea Blend + TL! Moji Blueberry Cheesecake Black Tea Blend

TL! Rainbow Herbal Tea Blend + TL! Signature Moji Blueberry Cheesecake Black Tea Blend

Photography: Susan BB Schabacker @SBBSPhotography on FB + IG

TL! Rainbow Herbal Tea Blend (caffeine-free) organic + natural ingredients, representing ROYGBIV: R (red) = organic strawberries, O (orange) = organic calendula, Y (yellow) = organic chrysanthemums and organic chamomile (and lemon flavor extract), G (green)= organic lemon balm, B (blue) = cornflowers, I (indigo) + V (violet) = organic lavender.

As a tea tribute for PRIDE WS and the LBGTQ community, I custom blended our TL! Rainbow Herbal Tea Blend (caffeine-free + light + lemony). This refreshingly colorful rainbow tea that is specially custom blended by Tea-lation! founder/owner/master tea blender, Susan BB Schabacker, to represent equal rights + diversity for all genders, races, shades, sizes, and different types coming together in one beautiful blend, like our human race.

“It’s the epitome of happy, lingers like a lemon drop, and tastes like liquid sunshine, but won’t keep you up at night. If you like the lemony, this will brighten your day (and eve),” shares Susan, smiling “and it makes me happy to blend, steep, share, sip, and savor it!”

We celebrated Moji Coffee & More’s 3rd birthday this year and gifted them custom blended a signature TL! Moji Tea with blueberry cheesecake flavor extract, organic black tea, blue cornflowers, and freeze-dried strawberries and bananas. Always happy and honored to support our local Mojistas with diverse abilities, hired by Moji Coffee & More to bring smiles to faces, warm hearts, and offer a jolt of joy!!!

Here I am with beloved and beautiful Mojista, Annie, sharing a “Happy Birthday” song on ukulele: I’m also a singer/songwriter/musician with a musical mission and gratefully appreciate your support and encouragement. Stay in the loop with more updates on my music blog site and Facebook music page.

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