Combatting Colds and COVID With TL! Tea-vive & Thrive White + Green Tea

I’m sharing about one of the important reasons I’m so Tea-lated! (tea + elated meaning great passion and enthusiasm) about teas with all their health benefits. Drinking my teas, especially TL! Tea-vive & Thrive White + Green Tea Blend significantly shortened and improved my cold as I share about in this vid.

The symptoms were severe and I was concerned I had COVID, but thankfully tested negative. And, also thankfully, within just a few days, my sense of taste and smell returned, sinuses and upper respiratory congestion cleared, and I truly felt better and healthier.

I specially custom blended TL! Tea-vive & Thrive White + Green Tea Blend with those struggling and suffering from COVID and colds and even cancer in mind. One of my good friends at the time had tested positive and he, too, has recovered from his illness speedily and thoroughly.

Though I can’t make health claims or absolute guarantees for anyone’s health, I can share honestly about my experience. I’m happy and honored to be able to improve the health and boost the happiness of myself and others and hope you’ll also be tea-lated! about the bountiful benefits these organic and natural teas can offer.

Combatting COVID + colds with TL! Teas WXII 12 Local Vibe Interview

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