WXII12’s Local Vibe & SBC’s Spotlight on Small Businesses Interviews

Tea-lation! founder, owner, and master tea blender, Susan B. B. Schabacker, was interviewed recently in a zoom vid chat by Audrey Biesk, of WXII 12, in this news segment of Local Vibe on the Triad CW (channel 3). The main focus for our conversations on The Local Vibe: Tea-lation!’s ongoing support for COVID humanitarian aid and relief with our local line of T-L! teas and all organic BTV: Beyond The Virus Mango + Lime (available at Mast General Store in WS, NC) and the immune boosting all organic T-L! tea blend, Tea-vive! & Thrive White + Green Tea Blend (available at Moji Coffee + More, Himalayan Hideaway, and Mast General Store).

Come rain or shine, we are here to support your health and happiness! Here is the capture from yesterday of our LIVE vid conversations between Allan Younger of Forsyth Tech’s Small Business Center, Kristin of Lizzie’s All Natural Products and Susan B. B. from Tea-lation! on Spotlight on Small Businesses.

I know it’s long and you’re busy, but hope you’ll listen to the whole thing. We share some tips, tidbits, and tricks of the trade on our businesses and informational insights I hope you won’t miss. Thanks always for your support + encouragement!

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