TL! Local And BTV: Beyond The Virus Tea Blends Support Coronvirus Charities With Every Cent!

Susan B. B. Schabacker, Tea-lation! founder, owner, and master tea blender is intent on heartfully contributing to charitable causes with her local WS, woman, and minority owned tea business. Though we finally have vaccinations available and many are becoming more immune to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), there is still much work to do to recover and repair.

In creative response to the coronavirus crisis, Susan is donating every single cent (in a 50/50 split) to 2 charitable non-profits (1 local: Love Out Loud and 1 international: Heart to Heart International). The 3 TL! local tea blends (WS Winston-Salem Green Tea Blend, Organic GSO Greensboro Herbal Tea Blend (Caffeine-Free), and PT Piedmont Triad Herbal Tea Blend (Caffeine-Free) + (2) ALL Organic BTV: Beyond The Virus Tea Blends: Mango AM Green + Black Tea Blend and Lime Herbal Tea Blend (Caffeine-Free) all will support these humanitarian orgs and help those whose lives and livelihoods have been devastated by COVID-19.

You can order TL! teas by sending Susan an email: and visiting Tea-lation’s website (​) for more info on TL! Her other creative contributions include her 5th album of original world music, BTV: Beyond The Virus and an upcoming TBA local art auction to raise financial support for this relevant and important cause.

She is doing her best to bring locals and internationals together to “Make Our World A Better Place (BTV Theme Song). Here is an article about their humanitarian efforts in Relish of the Winston-Salem Journal’s cover story:…​ Teaming up in musical collaborations with 54 musicians and vocalists from 24 different countries to bring you this diverse, multi-cultural album, Susan has enjoyed branching out into multiple genres/styles and singing in15+ different languages, and also rapping (feat. Lil Lim).

You can stream + download + share their BTV album with 33 tracks on her Bandcamp:…​ and is also available on other music platforms, including: Apple, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify, and etc. You can find more updates on Susan’s music on her music site:​ and please like and follow her Facebook music page to stay in the musical loop:

Stay Tea-lated! and stay in touch with Tea-lation Site + Social Media Links Tea-lation! Website:​ Tea-lation! on Facebook:​ Tea-lation! on Instagram:​ Tea-lation! on Pinterest:​ Tea-lation! on Twitter:

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