Fox 8 News T-L! Interview @ Moji Coffee

Check out the Fox 8 newsanchor, Brad Jones‘s interview with T-L! (then Cuppa Love Teas) founder, owner, and master tea blender at Moji Coffee + More on Trade St. in downtown Winston-Salem, NC.

Thoroughly enjoyed talking with about Cuppa Love Teas in an interview that was filmed at We talked about different authentic tea blends, I mentioned that I had blended or 70 tea blends, what tea blends I’m working on next for spring, and I even shared with him my two large long-term goals: to get my teas into the White House in the USA and Buckingham Palace in the UK, though they didn’t air that part of it in the final news segment.

I showed him the individual ingredients of one of our most popular caffeine-free tea blends, Rose Citrus Hibiscus Rooibos Tea Blend that is available at 6th and Vine Wine Bar and Moji Coffee + More. Rose Citrus Hibiscus was also included in a special Arnold Palmer-inspired Bingo Bango Soda Co. drink we launch in March, called Hibiscus Tea Lemonade.

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