Heart + Soul @ Venture Cafe Pop Up

We enjoyed sharing (7) of our Cuppa Love Teas authentic tea blends at the Venture Cafe pop up shop last Thursday evening. We had lots of tea lovers and tea virgins, alike, come by and try our teas.

Though every blend was well-loved, Chai Carrot Cake Black Tea Blend seemed to be the most popular. Secret ingredient: natural butter rum flavor extract. I thought it would be similar to the buttercream frosting that makes carrot cake extra delectably delish. This is one of my favorite Delish Dessert Line tea blends of ours.

The Cuppa Love Teas tea blend of the week for last week was Heart + Soul Rooibos Tea Blend (caffeine-free), from the Love Essentials Line.

Love Essentials Line: Got love? Gotta love our tea blends. . .There is love in every sip and love in every cuppa! Feel the love with our heartfull Love Essentials Line, and make it a part of your everyday sipping routine, whether strong or subtle, hot or iced.

Heart + Soul Herbal Tea Blend (Love Essentials Line) Ingredients: Organic rooibos, Pink rose petals and buds, hibiscus. CAFFEINE-FREE

Heart + Soul Tea Blend (Love Essentials Line): Got heart? Live with a heart full of love and enjoy a cuppa full of tea. Enjoy this special blend of a burgeoning bouquet (pink rose petals and buds and lavender, bright hibiscus, and a refreshing mint medley (peppermint and spearmint).

We look forward to having (2) new Halloweenish Cuppa Love Teas unique tea blends we hope y’all will enjoy: Candy Corn Chamomile Herbal Tea Blend (caffeine-free) and Geisha Gal Green Tea Blend.

Seasonal Line: Love listening to the Four Seasons by Vivaldi? Get inspire, embrace your ears, soothe your senses, and please your palette with a cuppa. Every season is unique and special, and there’s always something to celebrate! Whichever season is your fav, find seasonal Cuppa Love Teas tea blends that evoke a sense of magic and wonder.

Fall in Love with Fall (Seasonal/Holiday Line):  Is fall your fav season? Then, don your scarf and boots, kick back and relax as you get comfy with a cozy cuppa that’s calling your name. Warm up by the oven or hearth, with a hot cuppa seasonal tea in hand.

Candy Corn HerbalTea Blend (Seasonal/Holiday): Organic rooibos, organic coconut flakes, orange peel, lemon peel, natural French vanilla flavor extract, and natural honey flavor extract. CAFFEINE-FREE

Candy Corn Herbal Tea Blend (Seasonal/Holiday): Happy Halloween! Looking for a sweet caffeine-free treat? Try this chamomile blend that soothes the senses. You can celebrate with a calming cuppa, minus all the sugar. Wouldn’t mind getting this tasty tea blend in my treat bag!

Themes Line: Get inspired and transport your senses to a different time and place with this fanciful line of unique and unusual tea blends. Set the scene, setting or stage, as your ultimate tea experience comes to life. Enjoy a cuppa something creative.

Geisha Gal Green Tea Blend (Location/Themes Lines): Organic Genmaicha green tea, organic hibiscus coconut flakes, and peppermint.

Geisha Gal Green Tea Blend (Location/Themes Lines): A white face and red lips characterizes this dramatic Japanese toasted rice bancha green tea blend. Cloaked in a flowery kimono, she embodies exotic beauty, with a Japanese fan or parasol in hand. After enjoying a satisfying meal of sushi, it’s time for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony with this refreshing green tea blend that aids digestion with peppermint.

We hope to see you out at our next entrepreneurial networking event at the Venture Cafe this Thursday from 5 pm-8 pm for Halloween! Click here to register for this free event, where there will be free Cuppa Love Teas tea blends, food, and lots of opportunities to meet people.

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