T-Vive & Thrive This 2023 New Year!

Hope y’all have a happy + healthy new year and share, steep, sip, and savor Tea-lation! teas that boost your health + happiness! We are embracing the Chinese new year of the rabbit, and I’m grateful for the therapeutic benefits and healing my emotional support fur baby bunny, Mr. Ginger, has been providing, along with the health benefits of teas my fur babies (hamster and rabbit) have benefitted from. It’s been a blessing to have a loyal side-kick, wherever I go, along with a soothing and comforting cuppa TL! teas. They both soothe the senses and soul! I’ve been happy and honored to share them with our WS, NC community,

Ginger, is also an organic ingredient, in the custom blended TL! Tea-vive & Thrive White + Green Tea Blend, offered at Himalayan Hideaway WS pink salt therapy cave and a special ingredient in Wiseman Brewing’s bestselling Asian-inspired sour tea beer, Fast as Lightning. Looking forward to having you also sip and savor this special beer with TL! tea at Wrong Number bar on W. Fourth St. and also Thai Harmony on W. Third St. in downtown WS, NC.

May you feel and be empowered to refresh, repurpose, and reclaim your life. I’m Tea-lated! to share the elation (passion and enthusiasm) of tea with you to benefit and boost your health and happiness! Thanks for sharing this and supporting local. Much love and bountiful blessings for a much better year for all of us!

Susan BoYoung Bailey Schabacker, Tea-lation! Founder/Owner/Master Tea Blender

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