T-L! @ Mystic Ginger

Mystic Ginger Indian Bistro (285 W. Fourth St., Winston-Salem, NC 27101): Mystic Ginger Chai Black Tea Signature Cuppa Love Teas Tea Blend (Our 1st Custom-Blended Signature Tea Blend) and Mango Lassi Rooibos Tea Blend (caffeine-free).

We are excited to be proudly serving Tea-lation! teas @ Mystic Ginger Indian Bistro at 285 W. Fourth St. in downtown Winston-Salem. Please ask them for a menu of our teas, so you can check out the tea blend descriptions and ingredients.

Mystic Ginger Chai Black Tea Blend is our first signature tea blend that is ALL organic, with masala chai and ginger pieces. It’s the perfect complement for an Indian meal or afterwards, with dessert. Also, Mystic Ginger offers T-L! Mango Lassi Rooibos Tea Blend that’s fun, bright, and fruity (plus sans caffeine).

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