@ Celestial Hemp

We are excited about partnering with Celestial Hemp, local hemp farmers to bring you 2 authentic Cuppa Love Teas tea blends.

Celestial Hemp (6422 University Pkwy, Rural Hall, NC 27045): AM- GM (Good Morning) Green Tea Blend and PM- Co-zzzy Herbal Tea Blend (caffeine-free), coming soon. Be sure to google the health benefits of hemp!

We are going to have 2 Cuppa Love Teas tea blends available through Celestial Hemp: an AM + PM tea blend. The AM tea blend will contain caffeine and be energizing and uplifting, and the PM tea blend will be an herbal tea blend (sans caffeine) that will be relaxing and calming. We will probably be using locally grown cherry and berry hemp flower in our tea blends. We will keep y’all posted on these new tea blends that will benefit your health and complement your daily lifestyle routines.

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