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Soon, Cuppa Love Teas will be partnering with Piedmont Opera to bring you an authentic new tea blend, Thai Dream White Tea Blend, blended specially by Cuppa Love Teas, with inspiration from The King and I for Piedmont Opera.

Piedmont Opera (636 Holly Ave. NW, Winston-Salem, NC 27101): We are partnering up with Piedmont Opera for The King and I production in March, when we will be featuring a special Thai inspired Cuppa Love Teas tea blend, called Thai Dream White Tea Blend for guests at the Footnote luncheon that is now available at Downtown Thai & Pho and Thai Harmony and complements any Asian meal.

We are excited about Piedmont Opera’s upcoming production of The King and I. We will be providing free gifts of Thai Dream White Tea Blend for each of the guests at the Footnote luncheon in March. We specially custom blended Thai Dream for Piedmont Opera’s The King and I.

Ready to try it? You can head over to Thai Harmony and Downtown Thai to give it a try to complement your next Thai or Asian meal! Being an organic white tea, it’s subtle, and delicate, but well-balanced with Thai-inspired herbs and spices.

Thai Dream (Location/Themes Lines): Dreamy and exotic, this subtle white tea blend has all the flavors of a Thai Dream that soothe your senses and complement your Asian meal.  

INGREDIENTS: Organic White Peony, lemongrass, organic ginger pieces, lime peel, and organic coconut flakes.

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