Cuppa Love Teas Pop Up Shop @ Venture Cafe

Come try a FREE cuppa Cuppa Love Teas Thursday nights (October, November, December 5 (only, at Biotech Place – 575 Patterson Ave., Winston-Salem, NC), and January) from 5 pm-7:30 pm for the weekly entrepreneurial events at the Venture Cafe on the second floor of the Bailey Power Plant next to Incendiary Brewing and Alma Mexicana in Winston-Salem, NC.

Here is the event invite on Facebook:

We have 4 authentic tea blends that are also available at a/perture cinema at 311 W. Fourth St. 2 unique tea blends are from our Local/Location line: WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend and PT (Piedmont Triad). We also have our most popular fall/autumn Cuppa Love Teas tea blend, Chai Pumpkin Spice Black Tea Blend that’s all organic. Our 4th blend is inspired by Downton Abbey, called Pinkies Out Rooibos Tea Blend and is a bit cheeky.

Come talk to us about Cuppa Love Teas, check out our tea blends (see and smell) and enjoy a FREE cuppa! There is also FREE food available for all our guests and you can eat and drink as you network. You may want to bring a stack of business cards with you to exchange with people you meet. Check out the talks on a variety of different business-related topics. It’s an ideal opportunity for local entrepreneurs!

Here’s how to register for this FREE networking event:

Cuppa Love Teas Pop Up Shop @ a/perture cinema

Thanks to all those who came out and enjoyed a cuppa with us at our Cuppa Love Teas pop up shop weekend last weekend @ a/perture cinema at 311 W. Fourth St. in downtown Winston-Salem, NC.

Also, thanks to Lawren, Tyler and the awesome baristas for making everything possible. We were happy and excited to be there. Glad you’re enjoying our Cuppa Love Teas authentic tea blends that are now available @ a/perture.

Check out what’s playing and their showtimes and reserve your tix soon.

4 Cuppa Love Teas Tea Blends @ a/perture

It’s official! Y’all can now head on over to a/perture cinema to sip and savor a Cuppa Love Teas authentic tea blend and catch a cool film, like Downton Abbey (that I can’t wait to see). . .

What’s available @ a/perture? Currently, we have 4 Cuppa Love Teas tea blends to choose from, and we hope you’ll try them all. 2 unique tea blends from our Local/Location Line include: WS (Winston-Salem) and PT (Piedmont Triad).

We also have: Organic Chai Pumpkin Spice (a fantastic festive fall find) and Pinkies Out (a slightly cheeky organic Rooibos tea blend, blended specially with inspiration from Downton Abbey).

Here’s the menu you’ll find @ a/perture cinema:

Cuppa Love Teas Launch @ a/perture cinema for Downton Abbey

Dear Madams and Sirs,

Thank you for joining us for a cuppa Friday, September 20 at a/perture cinema on 311 W. Fourth Street in downtown Winston-Salem during the showings of the long awaited Downton Abbey. We enjoyed celebrating the launch of Cuppa Love Teas at a/perture.

Try an authentic Cuppa Love Teas tea blend, and remember, pinkies out! (Pinkies Out! is actually the name of our new organic Rooibos tea blend that is specially blended with inspiration from Downton Abbey and good ‘ole afternoon tea)!

On Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22, we will be hosted pop up shops down the corridor, to the right of the concessions.

Other Cuppa Love Teas tea blends we are currently offering include two unique blends from our Local/Location Line: WS (Winston-Salem) Green Tea Blend and PT (Piedmont Triad) Herbal Tea Blend, which is sans caffeine.

Another tea we will have ready to greet your taste buds and treat your tummy is soon to be a fall fav: Organic Chai Pumpkin Spice Black Tea Blend (our first all organic tea).

There are lots of people going and lots of showings! Pick up your tix from a/perture, head to concessions for your cuppa and enjoy the show!


Cuppa Love Teas – Love in Every Cuppa!